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CASE Partners with Doherty Couplers & Attachments

CASE Victoria recently announced its agreement with Doherty Couplers & Attachments which will see CASE Victoria as a dealer of Doherty products throughout Victoria. With the dealership, CASE Victoria anticipates a more seamless support service for its construction equipment customers.

“We will be providing the complete Doherty attachment solutions to our clients, enabling them flexibility to put together systems to achieve their requirements,” explains parts manager, Brad Harrison.  “Our dealership will fully support the Doherty range of attachments throughout Victoria.”

As part of the Kinshofer group, Doherty is based in New Zealand with a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia, and is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers fully-compliant to Australian standard AS4772-208, European EN474 standard, ISO13031 international standards and all major contractor policies.  The key feature of the Snaplock+ is its Dual Pin Locking (DPL) system ensuring attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force.

Doherty managing director, Jeremy Doherty, agrees the dealership is a positive move for the market and their mutual customers, “The decision to connect with CASE Victoria was easy. They’re well-established and offer the level of service you expect from capital equipment experts. We have a top product range and have partnered with a top quality company.”

Brad Harrison confirms quality and integrity were an integral part of their final decision, “We identified Doherty as a company with values of quality, honesty and ingenuity.  Their products match Case Victoria’s goal to bring the latest technically innovative attachments to the market.”

Although CASE Victoria has been a supplier of selected Doherty products for many years, this recent dealership will see the introduction of Doherty’s full range of products and services not previously available to CASE Victoria’s customers.


Snaplock+ Coupler Range

Snaplock+ Coupler | When safety is paramount
The Snaplock+ Coupler heralds a new era in fully automatic quick couplers. The simple design of the
Snaplock+ combined with the world leading safety features makes the Snaplock+ the safest coupler on the
market today. The Snaplock+ Coupler is dual locking, meaning attachments remain securely engaged on both
pins in the event of loss of engagement force.
Doherty is one of few manufacturers globally to offer fully automatic quick couplers 100% compliant to
Australian standard AS4772-2008, European standard EN474, ISO 13031 International standard and all major
contractor policies. Compact design with only two hoses, minimal moving parts, no greasing and no
complicated operating sequence to follow are just a few of the features which put the Snaplock+ at the
forefront of coupler performance worldwide.

  • Automatic front mechanical lock and visual indicator
  • In the event the rear pin is not engaged, the front pin remains locked
  • DPL locking system locks both front and rear pin independently of the primary lock
  • Wide pin centre pick up range
  • Certified lifting eye
Snaplock+ Coupler: Available for all machines from 5 to 120 tonnes, their compact design with minimal
moving parts put them at the forefront of coupler performance worldwide. When safety is paramount
demand the Snaplock+ Coupler.

Snaplock+ Coupler: Features

Snaplock+ Coupler is the most reliable, safe, cost effective and user friendly coupler on the global market:
  • Automatic front lock – Locks the front pin in the event the rear pin is not secured
  • Multi pin centre, picks up all attachments in the same weight class with the same pin diameter
  • Highly visible front lock indicator
  • Safety system does not rely on gravity
  • Dual pin lock – Locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement force
  • Unlock process is designed to release only when the operator intends to do so, in a controlled and safe manner
  • Simple yet safe unlock procedure eliminates accidental releases
  • Only requires two hydraulic lines
  • Compact design – Improving machine performance
  • No greasing or lubrication required
Snaplock+ Coupler: Primary lock The sliding jaw primary lock allows for multi pin centres to be accepted and is operated by a unique double
skinned double acting hydraulic cylinder utilising full system pressure. No head feed tube or pressure
reducer is required.
  • Double skinned cylinder eliminates feed tube
  • Easy access to cylinder ports
  • Photo pointers:
  • DPL locking system locks both front and rear pin independently of the primary lock
  • Wide pin centre pick up range
  • Only requires 2 hydraulic lines
  • Dual independent Mechanical Safety Locks on both front and rear pin
  • Prevents implement swinging on front pin in event of loss of engagement forces
  • No feed tube on lock cylinder from head port Cylinder has internal safety check valve
Snaplock+ Coupler: Dual Pin Locking (DPL) System Front lock automatically engages the moment the rear jaw is activated negating any chance of the bucket
falling off if the operator misses the rear pin.
DPL safety system locks both front and rear pins in the event of loss of engagement forces.
DPL safety system ensures attachments cannot swing on the front pin in the event of loss of engagement

Snaplock+ Tilt | The ultimate coupler Up to 180˚
When productivity is paramount demand the Snaplock+ Tilt.
Compact in design, powerful and virtually maintenance free, the Snaplock+ Tilt Coupler incorporating a
precision built actuator ensures trouble free operation.
The Snaplock+ Tilt has been designed with a compact and narrow body for better visibility and performance,
giving it serious benefits over other brands. The Snaplock+ Tilt allows operators to simply tilt all attachments
rather than having to move the entire machine, improving the productivity and versatility of the machine
resulting in increased profits.
Snaplock+ Tilt: Features
  • Compact design – improving machine performance
  • Integral overload protection standard from 4 tonne upwards
  • Simplified connections and controls
  • Fully guarded hoses
  • No unwanted movement
  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt
  • Actuator only has two moving parts and is triple sealed
  • No pins or bushes to wear out
  • Only requires four hydraulic lines
Industry leading 2 year or 3000 hour (whichever occurs first) warranty.

The Snaplock+ Tilt is the only tilting coupler currently available with a dual pin locking coupler, making it one
of the safest couplers available globally.

Snaplock+ Tilt: The Internals
Doherty Power Actuator at a Glance
  • Slim structure
  • Specifically designed for excavator attachments
  • Maintenance-free
  • Only two moving parts
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Integral relief valve
  • Simple assembly
  • Wide tilting range, up to 180 degree tilt range
  • Triple sealed
    • End flange design provides huge bearing surface and special dust/dirt seals
    • The housing and mounts are precision machined and treated with a surface hardening and corrosion resistant process
    • The helix shaft and end flange is precision machined from a single billet then surface hardened
    • The internal helix incorporates the piston and hydraulic seals

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